Beyond Guitar Hero: New Paradigms in Interactive Performance

MAS.825j Musical Aesthetics and Media Technology Fall 2009


Read by
September 16Disembodied Performance, Peter Torpey, p. 1–87
“Beyond Guitar Hero — Towards a New Musical Ecology.”
September 23ENO Lost Highway: Behind the Scenes with Diane Paulus
Diane Paulus on Experience the A.R.T.
Diane Paulus on The Donkey Show
September 30Read all of Disembodied Performance
Watch assorted Hyperinstruments videos
October 7 “While My Guitar Gently Beeps.”
Critical Review of The Beatles: Rock Band
“How Horrendous Failure Led to Rock Band”
Eran Egozy's Master's Thesis
Alex Rigopulos's Master's Thesis
Listening, Playing, and Questions Assignment

Links Mentioned in Class

September 23Swooping the Orchestra
Glimmer (2004) for Chamber Orchestra and Audience
Dan Deacon
September 30 Glenn Gould Reader
Series of articles by and about Glenn Gould
Brain Opera, article about the Glenn Gould and John Cage references
“The Secret Life of Eran Egozy”, NPR Here and Now
Review of Robert Lepage's Lipsynch

Required Readings