ARTS@MEDIA LABMAS.825J   Fall 2011

Tod Machover and Neri Oxman


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  September 14Read linked sections from Being Digital, Nicholas Nigroponte  
  September 21 A Brief History of Film/Video and Interactive Cinema at the Media Lab, Gloriana Davenport  
Search For the Feeling of Being There, Richard Leacock  
Extending the Documentary Tradition, Gloriana Davenport  
Media Fabric : a process-oriented approach to media creation and exchange, Davenport G; Barry B; Kelliher A; Nemirovsky P  
  September 28
Future Opera for Robots and People Too, Tod Machover
My Cello, Tod Machover
Tod Machover and Dan Ellsey play new music (TED Talk)
Flora (Listening)

Death and the Powers (Website)
Opera of the Future (Blog)
Project/Discussion Videos
  • Toy Symphony (Discovery channel, 2003)
  • Brain Opera at House of Music, Vienna (2000)
  • The Hypercello with Yo-Yo Ma (1991)
Opera of the Future Group publications and theses
Opera of the Future Group Alumni

** Contact Taya Leary (, E14-433C) for CD's to listen to this week. Recommend VALIS, Flora, and/or Hyperstring Trilogy.

  October 5 Marvin Minsky
Home Page  
Music, Mind, and Meaning  

Barry Vercoe
Professor of Media Arts and Sciences, Emeritus  
Music, Mind, and Machine  

Björk's Biophiia

VidRhythm by Harmonix


  October 19 Intelligent Graphics, Henry Lieberman  
Muriel Cooper's Visible Wisdom, The International Design Magazine  
Muriel Cooper: The unsung heroine of on-screen style, The New York Times  
The aesthetics + computation group  
2004 Hall of Fame, Art Directors Club  
Muriel Cooper: Information Landscapes, Inventing Interactive  
This stands as a sketch for the future. MURIEL COOPER and the VISIBLE LANGUAGE WORKSHOP, David Reinfurt  
Rethinking the Book, David L Small  
David Small  
John Maeda  
Beat Dedication, Bob Sabiston  
Grinning Evil Death, Bob Sabiston  
Lisa Strausfeld  
National Design Awards, Lisa Strausfeld  
How Steve Jobs Changed The World Of Design, NPR  
  October 26 The Aesthetics + Computation Group (ACG)  
Physical Language Workshop (PLW)  
  November 2 Tangible Media:
Tangible Bits: Beyond Pixels, Hiroshi Ishii  
I/O Brush: Drawing with Everyday Objects as Ink, Kimiko Ryokai, Stefan Marti, and Hiroshi Ishii  
Bottles: A Transparent Interface as a Tribute to Mark Weiser, Hiroshi Ishii  

Intangible Media:
Foreword: Nerd Pride, Nicholas Negropnte  
Benton Vision  
Luminous Windows 2010  
1985 MIT Media Lab Videodisc Holography Video  
The Spatial Imaging Group Publications  
  November 9 Bill Mitchell
Bill Mitchell Obituary, Greg Frost  
The Logic of Architecture: Design, Computation, and Cognition,
Bill Mitchell  
The Reconfigured Eye: Visual Truth in the Post-Photographic Era,
Bill Mitchell  
City of Bits: Space, Place, and the Infobahn, Bill Mitchell  
World's Greatest Architect: Making, Meaning, and Network Culture,
Bill Mitchell  
Imagining MIT : Designing a Campus for the Twenty-First Century,
Bill Mitchell  
The Design and Construction of Frank O. Gehry's Stata Center at MIT, by Nancy Joyce: Afterword by William J. Mitchell  
The Electronic Design Studio: Architectural Education in the Computer Era, Edited by Malcolm McCullough, William J. Mitchell, and Patrick Purcell  

Neri Oxman and Mediated Matter Group
Material-based design computation, Neri Oxman  
Mediated Matter Group  
  November 30 Leah Buechley
High-Low Tech Group  

Pattie Maes
Fluid Interfaces Group  

Cynthia Breazeal
Personal Robots Group  
Blended Reality Characters, David Robert and Cynthia Breazeal  
Expressive, Interactive Robots: Tools, Techniques, and Insights based on Collaborations, Jesse Gray, Guy Hoffman, Sigurdur Orn Adalgeirsson, Matt Berlin, and Cynthia Breazeal  
  December 7 Joseph Paradiso
FootNotes: Personal Reflections on the Development of Instrumented Dance Shoes and their Musical Applications, Joseph A. Paradiso  
The Brain Opera Technology: New Instruments and Gestural Sensors for Musical Interaction and Performance, Joseph A. Paradiso  
DoppelLab: Tools for Exploring and Harnessing Multimodal Sensor Network Data, Gershon Dublon, Laurel S. Pardue, Brian Mayton, Noah Swartz, Nicholas Joliat, Patrick Hurst and Joseph A. Paradiso  
Electronic Controllers for Musical Performance and Interaction, Joseph A. Paradiso  
American Innovations in Electronic Musical Instruments, Joseph A. Paradiso  
  December 14 Joe Chung
Joe Chung Says Redstar Ventures Is Creating Companies for "the TechCrunch Crowd’s Mothers", Xconomy