MAS.825: Future of the Festival

Professor Tod Machover   |   MIT Media Lab

Class on October 31, 2012

Prepare to present your project idea, large idea, and idea on how to get everyone at the Lab involved in the festival. Check the Assignments & Materials for more info!

Course Description

The class structure will be loosely based on the 2-term course I ran in 2010-2011 to develop the FAST festival for MIT's 150th anniversary. In the fall, we will study the history, culture and diversity of festivals, look at a wide range of edgy and exciting art-design-technology work from around the world, study a variety of production and aesthetic concepts and techniques, and then create project proposals and prototypes for presentation in the Lab's new spring festival. These projects will be deeply developed in the spring term class, presented publicly in April, and then further tweaked as needed to travel to international partner locations. We will also be drawing connections and synergies between this class and festival and the 99Fridays event series.

Course Staff

Prof. Tod Machover
Muriel R. Cooper Professor of
Music and Media
Simone Ovsey
Class Producer
Akito Van Troyer
Teaching Assistant
Ben Bloomberg
Teaching Assistant

Meeting Times

Wednesdays, 2:00–4:30 PM, Room E14-493 unless otherwise noted below:

Date Location
9/5 E14-433 Mezzanine Area
9/12 E14-633 Lecture Hall
9/19 E14-493 Conference Room
9/26 E14-493 Conference Room