City Symphonies

Tod Machover | MIT Media Lab

The Collaborative City Symphony project is a recent initiative that brings creative musical participation to everyone, while encouraging collaboration between artists and amateurs, with symphony orchestras (and many other organizations) as the principal galvanizers. Developed by composer-inventor-professor Tod Machover and his team in the Opera of the Future group at the MIT Media Lab, City Symphonies invite the citizens of a particular place to listen to the world around them, to discover the “music” in that place, and to work together to create a sonic portrait of that city that reveals its essential qualities and most important issues and questions to audiences locally and around the world. Going beyond crowd-sourcing, City Symphonies propose a new model of collaboration, where people of all ages and backgrounds work together to make beautiful, meaningful music that none of them–including the highest level professionals–could have made alone.



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