About Jeux Deux

Jeux Deux is a piece for hyperpiano and orchestra by Tod Machover with interactive piano software by Mike Fabio and live computer graphics by Marc Downie. It was premiered by the Boston Pops in June of 2005 with Michael Chertock, hyperpiano, and Keith Lockhart, conductor.

Jeux Deux utilizes a number of novel approaches to live interaction using a Yamaha Disklavier. All MIDI data generated by the player is transformed with custom software written in MAX/MSP to accompany and augment the live piano playing. Among the various processes are:

MIDI data and mode changes are transmitted separately via local area network using Open Sound Control to the graphics computer which generates live visualization of the music being played. This produces images that can accurately "notate" in real-time the interaction between the pianist and the notes being played by the Disklavier (hence the title Jeux Deux, a "game of two").

More information about the visuals in Jeux Deux can be found here (pdf).

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