Personal Opera

Tod Machover and Peter Torpey
with the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden

Personal Opera is a radically innovative creative environment that enables anyone to create musical masterpieces sharing one’s deepest thoughts, feelings, and memories. Based on our design of, and experience with, such projects as Hyperscore and the Brain Opera, we are developing a totally new environment to allow the incorporation of personal stories, images, and both original and well-loved music and sounds. Personal Opera builds on our guiding principle that active music creation yields far more powerful benefits than passive listening. Using music as the through-line for assembling and conveying our own individual legacies, Personal Opera represents a new form of expressive archiving; easy to use and powerful to experience. In partnership with the Royal Opera House in London, we have begun conducting Personal Opera workshops specifically targeting seniors to help them tell their own meaningful stories through music, text, visuals, and acting.