The Tewksbury Project

  Tod Machover and Adam Boulanger

Using the Media Lab's innovative Hyperscore music-composition tool, four original compositions written by patients at Tewksbury Hospital were performed at the hospital's 150th anniversary celebration in May.

The celebratory concert, held at Tewksbury Hospital on May 1, 2004, was played by the Lowell Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Valerie Taylor.

Hyperscore Pieces:

  • "Peter's Country" by Peter S. [listen]
  • "Heartbeats Under the Staircase" by Marlene R. [listen]
  • "Dancing in the Storm, Hurry Home" by Joan L. [listen]
  • "Our Musically" by Dan E. [listen]
Different versions of two of the above pieces, transcribed by Tod Machover for Yamaha Disklavier piano and played as part of his keynote talk at the TedMed conference in October 2004.
  • "Our Musically" by Dan E. (Disklavier version) [listen]
  • "Dancing in the Storm, Hurry Home" by Joan L. (Disklavier version) [listen]

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