Release notes for 1.4.0 Alpha

Version 1.4.0a is for Windows NT only. As of this writing, the most recent Macintosh version is still 1.3.2a. Version 1.4.0a includes several important changes: If you have a project for version 1.3.4a of Rogus for Windows, you can convert it to version 1.4.0a by doing the following steps:
    Delete the "Rogus Library" directory from your project. Copy the "Rogus Library" directory from the 1.4.0a distribution into your project directory. Insert the file "Rogus Library/Rogus McBogus main.cpp" into your project workspace.
If you are creating a new Rogus McBogus project in which you wish to use Rogus as an application framework, simply copy the whole Rogus McBogus distribution and modify it.

If you wish to use Rogus McBogus as a library in an existing non-Rogus project which you have, do the following steps:

  1. Copy the "Rogus Library" directory into your project directory.
  2. Add "Rogus Library\MIDI Library", "Rogus Library\Basics", and "Rogus Library\Score Player" to your project's include directories.
  3. Add the library "winmm.lib" to your project for both the Release and Debug configurations. In addition, add the library "Rogus Library\Release\Rogus Library.lib" to the Release configuration of your project, and "Rogus Library\Debug\Rogus Library-Debug.lib" to the Debug configuration of your project.
  4. Make sure you are using a multithreaded version of the C runtime library.
  5. If you are using Microsoft Foundation Classes, you will need to explicitly #include <mmsystem.h> before your include any Rogus header files.
  6. See Library or Application Framework? for more information on using Rogus as a library.

Modified 21 January 1996