Resurrection captures an unusual love story between Prince Nekhlyudov (Chambers) and the serving girl Maslova (Abraham). Though divided by class, their fates become intertwined when the Prince sits on the jury that unjustly condemns the young woman to prison. Despite a merciless justice system that does not allow for second chances, an amazing story of courage and redemption emerges. Mark Swed of the Los Angeles Times, in a review of the original production in Houston, said, "Machover has a gift for making music that is direct and complicated at the same time, for mixing popular and arcane elementsThe vocal writing [of Resurrection] often dazzles with grand melismatic flourishes; jazz tumults through the brutish seduction scene; a gripping rhythmic pulse catapults through ever-changing meters." Another review, in BBC Music Magazine, said, "Machover's rich orchestral palette and high level of rhythmic inventiveness works especially well" (Heidi Waleson, Wall Street Journal critic).

Composer Tod Machover, recently called "brilliantly gifted" by the New York Times for the October 2001 Carnegie Hall premiere of his "Sparkler" for orchestra and electronics, told an NPR interviewer that with Resurrection he "tried to convey musically the gradual process of spiritual reawakening, to write the kind of music that happens when people start caring for each other." He has also said that the piece "speaks directly and immediately to opera lovers, while not being conventional," and the opera has proven its ability to reach audiences of all kinds. This wide-ranging appeal is achieved both through the story itself, one that deals with some very fundamental moral and spiritual issues, as well as Machover's compositional style, ever lyrical and dramatic while seamlessly blending acoustic instruments and electronic enhancements.

For further information about the Boston performances of Resurrection, or Tod Machover's work in general, contact:

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