"For the orchestra musicians, [Toy Symphony] is captivating. It's really lovely to see the children get up and have such a good time. And then they make the wonderful sounds and it is just magical."
- Alan Smale, Leader/Violinist, National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland

 "I can play [the Hyperviolin] and it will sound like a flute or a human voice, yet using the technique of the violin that I have learnt. The possibilities are limitless...And the kids respond to it because it is current. Their imaginations are stimulated, they're having fun, and they know they are part of something special. That excites me a lot."
- Joshua Bell, violin and virtuoso and "hyperviolinist"

 "It's neat that anyone at all can play them."
- Eimear Shortan, 10-year old Beatbug player from Dublin

 "They actually look like baby's toys but they're amazing since you can make any sound you want. "
- Sorcha Mills, 8-year old Shaper player from Dublin

 "One lesson shows you the basics. It's easy to learn but fun at the same time."
- Hannah Lucey, 9-year old Shaper player from Dublin

 "I could not have imagined how much being part of Toy Symphony has opened up new doors of creativity and possibility for both my children."
- Father of Clodagh and Ciarán, children in Hyperscore workshop

 "The fun seemed very real...The young audience at the National Concert Hall created quite a buzz."
- Michael Dervan, Music Critic, The Irish Times

 "Thanks for giving the Cór na nÓg [chorus] kids such a wonderful opportunity to work on Toy Symphony. They are really excited about it. It's something that they will remember always and will have opened their minds to many new possibilities."
- Blanaid Murphy, Director - Cór na nÓg children's choir, RTE Dublin


On April 9, 2002, Toy Symphony received its World Premiere in Dublin with the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland conducted by Gerhard Markson with guest Hyperviolin soloist Joshua Bell.