Alzheimer's Disease

Adam Boulanger, Graham Grindlay, and Nick Knouf

There is an ever-growing, diverse population of individuals either at-risk or suffering from Alzheimer's Disease as well as other neurodegenerative diseases. New technological modalities are implied to offer early onset detection, as well as day-to-day assessment. The latent opportunity is to integrate valid clinical assessment into the lives of those at risk of transferring to a particular disease. We propose to investigate how cognitive assessments can be embedded in composing technologies. The research question is: How can music tasks be re-appropriated for the purposes of early-onset detection and cognitive improvement over Alzheimer's Disease

Current Directions in Music, Mind, and Health:

A focus on Alzheimer's Disease
A focus on Autism
A focus on Emotion
A focus on Performance

Selected Projects in Music, Mind and Health: