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Music, Mind, and Health

Adam Boulanger, Graham Grindlay, and Nick Knouf

Music affects us in ways that are more direct and substantial than just about any other stimuli. But how, and why is music so meaningful? Furthermore, can the unique status of music be leveraged for the betterment of our health? Our interest in the new field of music, mind and health will develop the technologies and research required to answer these questions.

We are currently working in several different areas of music augmentation, with both healthy and pathological individuals. For more detail about our current thinking regarding how new music technologies are implied for research and treatment, click on any of the following categories or selected projects.

Current Directions in Music, Mind, and Health:

A focus on Alzheimer's Disease
A focus on Autism
A focus on Emotion
A focus on Performance

Selected Projects in Music, Mind and Health: